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"What's your book about?" she asks.

Avoid rambling, awkward conversations about your book and instead have her asking how she can pre-order a copy.

You Know in Your Heart It’s Time to Tell Your Story.

And I Know in Mine that I’m Meant to Help You Write It. 

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You’re looking for a ghostwriter to bring that brilliant book inside of you to light


(preferably while keeping both eyes on your business)


I’ll help you establish your authority, build a legacy that lasts, and call your dream clients to you like Tony Robbins junkies to a bed of hot coals.


Hi, I’m Dr. Cindy. 

 Founder of Childress Communications, Amazon bestselling ghostwriter and avid pet rescuer.  

You should know that my absolute favorite thing is taking your ideas and writing them down with head-turning clarity, leaving you with a book that shares your genius with the world.  

Are you the next Rachel Hollis? Seth Godin? Mark Manson? 

Let’s find out together!