Get My Book Started

Table of Contents and Writing Plan

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what to expect

We schedule a 2-hr Author Interview via Zoom.

Dr. Cindy begin with identifying your target reader and understanding what problem she’s looking for help with, which you can easily address in a way that will satisfy her.

Next, your goals for writing the book come into consideration. This reveals the length, level of information, and style that your book should take to achieve those goals.

Finally, you do a brain dump of everything you can speak to, in order to help the target reader. These nuggets of information inform your Table of Contents I create for you.

you talk, Dr. Cindy listens

She takes notes of what you say, in such a way as to re-package the information to relate to your target reader.

With active listening, she asks follow up questions and digs deeply into your unique take on your subject to understand your complex ideas.

She will also review your writing sample to get a feel for your go-to sentence patterns, idioms, and signature turns of phrase.

If you have brand collateral and content to re-purpose, such as blogs, videos, podcasts, and course content, she will offer to review it and consider where it might fit into the Table of Contents.



putting it all together

Within 2 weeks, you will get the first draft of your Table of Contents.

This is the beginning of a conversation between yourself and Dr. Cindy to plan the order of information and selection of what ideas to include in this book and what to leave for the next book or re-purpose in other content.

Get My Book Started begins at $1500.

When the Table of Contents is finalized, you might feel confident to write the book yourself. Or, if appropriate, Dr. Cindy will suggest a timeline for completion and offer a quote for Ghostwriting or Fairy Godmother Editing for your book.