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Become an author

and show the world your authority

Website Content

  • New content for existing pages
  • New pages and new content
  • Edit format and word choice in existing text for maximum branding and impact
  • SEO strategic word placement

Book Coaching and Editing

  • We curate and edit your existing blogs into your thought leader book
  • We edit completed book manuscripts
  • We ghost write your material in your voice and with your insights


  • We help you create an outline and schedule for your book and coach you to complete it

Guerilla PR Kit

  • Speaking gig solicitation letter
  • Events flyer template
  • White Pages (2)

Phone Script (Press Kit Follow Up)

  • Be confident you will say the right things in the right way to discover any questions or concerns they have and overcome any objections
  • Practice with us and get feedback on how you can improve your phone handling skills

Content Marketing Campaign (30 Days)

  • Weekly Newsletter to your email list. If you are a blogger, we will hook your new content in these Newsletters.

Want to mix and match the available services and customize a plan for your needs?

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