Communication Evaluation

Not as scary as it sounds!


what to expect

Our communication evaluation is a 1-hr conversation, followed up by deep research so we can understand what you are doing now and what difference really good writing in the right mediums can do to support your vision.

We begin with a series of questions so we can get a good sense of your business model and how your business’s writing and editing needs are affecting your progress. This is tied with our exploration of the passion that drives your business so we can find ways to use it to drive the writing so that we understand the tone and audience that will best fit your needs.

you talk, we listen

We also get an understanding of your most pressing writing and editing concerns and listen to whether you want us to write and edit your writing, or if instead you want us to proofread and teach you to write for yourself. This line of thought includes what would like to get out of working with a writing firm and what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past.

After the brief chat, we ask you to send us all the written materials you are currently using, and we examine your website to get a sense of your social media presence. We also look at your audience and consider what tones, appeals, and messages will best suit your needs to represent your brand.



putting it all together

We look for areas of opportunity and compile a list of communication strategies to help you achieve your goals for your business. Our ideas support your vision by suggesting methods of communication which you may not have thought of, as well a concrete list of tasks we can complete to meet your objectives. We are excited to start your projects as soon as you are ready.