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Not a Vampire Bite: What Those two Dots “:” are and How to Use Them to Bling up Your Writing

Let’s talk about how to use a colon to make your blog, email, and social media posts stand out. Colons are really helpful when you want to use the first words of the heading to cover your keywords topic, then use the second half of your blog to entire your readers to find out more. As I did in this title, the first clause might also be a juicy hook, and the words following the colon can give more solid reasons that your audience should keep reading.

Hiring an Editor? Think There’s Only One Kind? Read This First!

The good news is that when you hire a professional editor, you can get the kind of editing you want. Here are some strategies for understanding what is included in different kinds of editing and choosing the kind that’s right for your project. Below I describe a few different kinds of editing that you might as for.

5 Tips to Find Your Best Editor for Your Book Manuscript

5 Tips to Find Your Best Editor for Your Book Manuscript

A writer who worked with another editor came to me in tears after her book reviewers returned their reviews and asked “This isn’t the edited copy, is it?” I created these 5 tips for the client to use in finding an editor for her next book, and I want to share them with you, too, so you can find a great editor who will understand your expectations and support your goals.