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Is Your Manuscript in a Mess? Find Order in the Chaos With This Simple Exercise

I love organizing really big messes. Not closets or garages. The messes I like to organize are massive amounts of content. A sentence here, a paragraph there, and a transcript elsewhere, and they all need to be synthesized into a coherent, compelling document.

Are You an Authority Without a Book? Use These Tips to Plan Your Manuscript

Pick one ideal person, maybe a client or someone you know, or a hypothetical ideal reader, and think about what you want to tell her. When you know how old she is, how much she already knows on the topic, and what you want her to take away from your book and do in response to your writing, you will be in a much better position to collect your thoughts.

Tips to Create Your Book From a Series of Blog Posts

Tips to Create Your Book From a Series of Blog Posts

What's stopping you from compiling your blog posts into a book and promoting yourself as the thought leader that you are? Check out these simple strategies for organizing your ideas and keeping the most important thing in mind: who is your book's audience, and what do you want them to take away from your book?