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Founder, Cindy Childress, Ph. D. 

I started this business because I saw business owners around me struggling to write content and continually putting off their dreams of authorship. I knew exactly what help they needed, and I couldn't keep it to myself.

Every day I challenge myself and our team to make sure our copy writing makes the business you have sound like the business you dream it could be. Our clients aren't just happy that the work is done on time, but rather they are stunned that the ideas they shared sound so amazing when we put them onto the page.

With a Ph. D. in English, I know all the rules, as well as how and when to break them. I'm also an expert in ESL sentence errors and won't have to ask you what you meant. I can just fix them to say what you mean. Having lived in Southeast Asia for seven years, I understand how to communicate across cultures and appreciate how to preserve your voice as we revise the work.

I could be instructing doctoral students to complete their dissertations, but I'd rather help business owners like yourself become authors and share your expertise. My system for completing ghost writing, book coaching, and editing projects were developed in academia and adapted for business. This includes fast turn-around times, guaranteed finished products, and an editing process that bring your writing to near-perfection.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western Kentucky University, where I studied Writing and Communication. My M.A. in English is from the University of South Florida, and my thesis explores "affect," which is to say, the science of what happens when someone connects to a piece of communication emotionally and is motivated to action. From there, I attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where I completed my English generalist Ph. D. with a creative dissertation. My academic teaching credits include: Technical Writing, Advanced Expository Writing, Introduction to Creative Writing, Modern American Literature, and others.

I am an accomplished poet and writer and teach creative writing workshops with Writespace, amongst others around Houston. I am completing a novel, which I worked on for a month in Rome, Italy. My husband and I were Celebrity Paws Honorees with Citizens for Animal Protection in 2016, and we regularly foster needy dogs and cats.

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Writer and Editor, Clare L. Martin

Writer and Editor, Clare L. Martin

Writer and Editor, Clare L. Martin


Writer and editor, Clare L. Martin, has a professional background in marketing, communications, and public relations. She is an accomplished poet whose second collection of poetry, Seek the Holy Darkis the 2017 selection of the Louisiana Cajun and Creole Series by Yellow Flag Press. Her acclaimed debut collection of poetry, Eating the Heart First, was published by Press 53. Martin’s poetry has appeared in Thrush Poetry Journal, Poets and Artists, and Louisiana Literature, among others. Clare also works as a teaching artist and mentor in creative writing settings. She is founder and editor of  MockingHeart Review and holds a B.A. from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Cindy and Clare have been collaborating and supporting each other's writing endeavors since 2004, and they partner together to bring our clients high-quality, creative content, delivered in a timely manner.